The first EP release from the bristol group

Release date: TBA

pRODUCED, mIXED AND eNGINEERED BY alI cHANT (Yard Act, Katy J Pearson, sorry), THE RELEASE IS THE FIRST ON HIS NEW LABEL 'Fascination Street'.

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"I came across Oslo Twins through a
recommendation from a fan. I was immediately enamoured with their writing and the singer Claudia’s singular, distinctive voice. sHE'S Probably my favourite vocalist at the moment"

BC Camplight

Oslo Twins have a lot in store for us. 

The band had an amazing summer of gigs last year after releasing their debut 'The Edge' (produced with Seth from black midi) taking Bristol and London’s live music scenes by storm. 


Since the release of Circe, the band has focussed on producing their debut EP, Back To Nothing, with Ali Chant as his ‘Playroom’ studio in Bristol. Back To Nothing is the first release on Chant’s new label ‘Playpen Recordings’.


‘Since our music production skills have developed further, we’ve felt a really nice sense of power over our sound. And since we’re no longer in lockdown, we’re more united in the creative process, rather than sending ideas back and forth from our bedrooms.’


The songs on Back To Nothing vary in mood, but they’re connected by the tension between unity and isolation. 

The first three songs - ‘Breath’, ‘Miss Yesterday’ and ‘Basilica’ - dodge around being explicitly love songs, but Oslo Twins admit to heartbreak as the track Back To Nothing brings us to a melancholy resolution (‘The colours of her eyes make me want to turn / Away from everything, back to nothing’). 


The four songs show off Oslo Twins’ unique combination of traditional and unapologetically electronic sounds, ranging from the organ, fiddle and vibraphone to ethereal and danceable synths, while lead singer Claudia Vulliamy’s vocals take us on a journey from delicate to powerful, casual to intense, entrancing falsetto to hearty depths.

Read more about the EP below.