THE EDGE - Remixes

Reimaginings of the Bristol group's haunting and melodic debut single

Release date: 6th May 2022

Originally produced with Seth Evans (black midi) in Hermitage Works Studios, the punchy, open sound of The Edge is influenced by new wave and industrial music, with a dark and addictive vocal melody.

Now being released alongside three brand new remixes from Sonotto, Omadhaun and Earlids.

Sonotto is the musical outfit of Stirling-born and Bristol-living Ambient, IDM and Electronic artist Otto Neckel. His open approach to creativity allows for the listener to feel connected to the music in ways unexpected from an artist of his kind. He brings his love for African rhythm, No Wave, Jazz-Funk and World music into a contemporary vision inspired by the Left-Field electronic scene of Ninja Tune, Ghostly and Warp Records.


Omadhaun is a DJ/Producer based in Bristol. He combines his trippy and playful production with Oslo Twins' catchy songwriting to create an eerie yet familiar old-skool banger.

Experimental duo Earlids fuse countless musical worlds ranging from industrial to ambient-pop with lashings of progressive rock and left field electronics in between. Their remix of The Edge draws influence from dark wave music and early minimal techno.

"I came across Oslo Twins through a
recommendation from a fan. I was immediately enamoured with their writing and the singer Claudia’s singular, distinctive voice. sHE'S Probably my favourite vocalist at the moment"

BC Camplight


Oslo Twins are a dream pop/trip hop group from Bristol.


“Our music is both melodic and melancholic but also subtly influenced by dance, industrial and lo-fi music of the 80s and 90s. But our melodies are pop melodies - we always like to have a hook.”
Recently, Oslo Twins have supported the likes of The Comet Is Coming, Do Nothing and Honeyglaze, and have performed at venues such as Bristol Beacon, Yes Manchester and The Brixton Windmill. 


Their second single 'Circe' was featured on Spotify's editorial playlists 'Fresh Finds' and 'Fresh Finds Indie'.
The band are also a personal favourite of Manchester-based American songwriter BC Camplight.