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Oslo Twins launch danceable and mystical new single

release date: tba

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With bells, organs and a thumping floor tom, the track's gothic, sensual and quasi-religious tone inspires reverence - but Basilica still feels like a lavish dance track.

'I like to explore the place where decadence flirts with the divine,' says singer Claudia Vulliamy. 'I wrote Basilica while thinking about San Miniato al Monte, a church I visited in Florence a few years ago, where the floor and walls are decorated with intricate medieval images in black-and-white marble, including demonic-looking little creatures and a zodiac wheel on the floor.


'The Gregorian chants echoed beautifully, and found myself imagining a sort of ‘holy rave’ in a place like San Miniato, where you could lose yourself in the ambiguous and almost trippy Christo-pagan aesthetics - like some really whacky Berlin club.'

"Probably my favourite vocalist at the moment"

BC Camplight


Oslo Twins are a dream pop/trip hop group from Bristol.


“Our music is both melodic and melancholic but also subtly influenced by dance, industrial and lo-fi music of the 80s and 90s. But our melodies are pop melodies - we always like to have a hook.”

Their music has been featured on Spotify's editorial playlists 'Fresh Finds' and 'Fresh Finds Indie'.


Recently, Oslo Twins have supported the likes of The Comet Is Coming, Do Nothing and Honeyglaze, and have performed at venues such as Bristol Beacon, Yes Manchester and The Brixton Windmill. 


They are looking forward to a summer of festival slots with numerous already confirmed.
The band are also a personal favourite of Manchester-based American songwriter BC Camplight.

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